Harrowing near-miss between tractor-trailer trucks caught on video

Harrowing near-miss between tractor-trailer trucks is a screen shot

Harrowing near-miss between tractor-trailer trucks is a screen shot

A harrowing near-collision between tractor-trailer trucks on a snowy highway in Ontario, Canada, is under investigation after video footage captured from a dashboard camera on one of the trucks was posted on YouTube.

The driver of the truck with the dash-cam can be heard screaming in fear as the driver of the oncoming truck attempts to pass a snowplow, placing his truck in the wrong lane and on a collision course with the other truck (video contains very brief profanity).

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The CBC reported Thursday that the incident occurred Jan. 4 on Highway 11, north of the town of Nipigon. The video was uploaded last week. Police are using the footage to aid their investigation.

In an attempt to avoid becoming involved in a head-on collision, the driver of the dash-cam truck was forced to veer into the guard rail.

Fortunately, there was no violent crash. Unfortunately, the driver who caused the incident did not stop.

The CBC states that police have not been able to reach the person who uploaded the video. However, that user, named clginter, on Thursday wrote in the comment section of the video:

“Hi everyone, I appreciate all your comments. I don’t want to bash truck drivers as my husband is a great one who works hard at his job and would be the first one to pull over and help. I know there are many more like him out there. I would just like to find this one who took off after the accident.”

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