Here’s why you don’t bungee jump with your phone in your pocket; video

The world’s highest bungee jump at the Bloukrans Bridge above the Bloukrans River in South Africa is no joke. At 709 feet above the river, you’ll want to be well prepped before giving it a go. Irishman Máirtín Farragher thought he was, except for leaving his phone in his pocket.

Farragher was obviously excited about getting to bungee, and left his iPhone where it shouldn’t have been. During the jump we see it slip from his pocket and plummet to the Earth below.

Once the exhilaration is through, Farragher realizes his phone is gone and springs into a few expletives. We gather next time he’ll be leaving his phone up top when he jumps, and there’s a necessary lesson before bungee jumping.

The moment his phone departs.

The moment his phone departs.

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