‘Hitler’ considers cyclocross in cycling version of popular Youtube meme

“Maybe it’s time to consider cyclocross.”

Those are the words of Hitler in the most recent version of the much-memed YouTube clip from the WWII movie “Downfall,” which documents the final days of the great war.

This version deals with weekly group rides, and for those of you who have ever gone on such a jaunt with some all-too-serious roadies, watching the Fuhrer go apoplectic about the upcoming ride being planned for conversational pace will surely make you laugh out loud. After all, if you frequent the road scene, you’ve probably had one too many close calls with an idiot who is more concerned with racing to a landmark than with the semi that is careering around the corner.

As a side note, for all you who felt the pain of the 2008 economic collapse, here’s the real estate version of the meme.