Hunter pays price for misdeeds as Wild TV personality

Jason David, who has appeared on hunting shows such as "The Hunting Chronicles" and "No Limits TV" on the Wild TV network, found himself in hot water with the Canadian province of Saskatchewan over a deer-hunting episode, and it will cost him dearly.

David, known as Chris David on television, is from Hinton, Alberta, but was hunting for white-tailed deer in Saskatchewan in 2011.

The hunting trip was broadcast on television and led to an investigation when it was discovered that the deer he shot was bagged in the wrong management zone, according to The Canadian Press and CBC News.

Alberta fish and wildlife officials contacted the Saskatchewan government, which ultimately charged David under the Wildlife Act.

The Saskatchewan Environment Ministry announced Tuesday that David was found guilty on March 20 in Broadview provincial court of hunting without a license, unlawfully exporting wildlife and falsifying an application for a big-game hunting permit.

For this David, 43, was fined $5,600 and banned from hunting in Saskatchewan for a year.

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"This hunt was recorded and aired as an episode on Wild TV," the SEM said in a news release. "David is no longer on those shows."

The video of the illegal hunt was entered as evidence but never shown in court, Saskatchewan conservation officer Rich Hildebrand said.

Hildebrand wanted it to be clear that officials didn't target David just because he was a TV personality on Wild TV.

"We do have those rules and regulations in place for each and every person out there and it is important to follow them," Hildebrand told The Canadian Press.

"They are there for everyone and we all need to do our part. I really think there is a lot of concern when people misuse that."