Hurricane Sandy brings out insane kiteboarder off Mass. beach (video)

Wherever there is a storm, adrenaline junkies–some people simply call them crazy–are close behind, or ahead, as it were. It was no different with Hurricane Sandy. Watch as a thrill-seeker on a kiteboard goes airborne, and zooms up and down a Massachusetts beach near Martha’s Vineyard with the storm approaching and the surge underway. Another brave soul–or crazy person–videotaped it all from a speeding car traveling down a semi-flooded road. CNN posted the raw video, which incidentally shows it twice:

These weren’t the only thrill-seekers out in the storm on Monday. We saw surfers taking advantage of large swells Sandy left behind off Florida. As the storm approached, surfers braved the surf off Virginia and New York, reportedly after being warned not to do so, and a person on a personal watercraft jumped waves in New York Harbor.

Hurricane? What hurricane? The Daily Mail in the U.K. had the perfect description for these zany folks: “Hurricane size idiots: Meet the foolish daredevils who just can’t resist getting a closer look at Sandy.”

Well said, Daily Mail, well said.