If there’s hay to be found, no locks are too strong for this horse

Mariska the mare sure knows her way around a stable, which is frustrating for her owners because the crafty Friesian has picked every lock they’ve fastened to the stalls, and she’s especially adept if the locked doors lead to hay. The accompanying video was uploaded by Misty Meadows Farm on January 7. Since then, Mariska, a.k.a, “Houdini,” gained widespread notoriety on the Web.

More recently, one of the owners, Sandy Bonem, posted this update on the farm blog: “Now I am left wondering what else our girl Mariska could do. If she does this without any training, what might she accomplish with training?”

Misty Meadows Farm, in Midland, Michigan, describes Mariska as being “sweet, mischievous, and extremely smart.”

Bonem adds: “She is loved dearly, but tends to cause us many moments of frustration as she is pretty convinced that doors were made to be opened!”

Her other nickname is “Fluffy,” because she’s on the plump side for a Friesian. Thus, she is being asked to participate, with Bonem, in a “Biggest Loser”-type project.

The problem, of course, is that Mariska needs only to pick the appropriate lock to find the nearest hay supply.