‘Image of a lifetime’ shows twin tornadoes spawned from a single supercell

Sister Tornados Under Supercell

Twin tornadoes spawned beneath massive supercell. Photo: Courtesy of ©Kelly DeLay

Storm chaser Kelly DeLay has captured a rare and stunning image showing two tornadoes spawned from a single, massive supercell last Thursday in Simla, Colorado.

He posted the on his Twitter and Instagram feeds on Sunday, generating plenty of retweets and commentary.

At least eight tornadoes swept across Colorado on Thursday, including one that destroyed and/or damaged several homes, according to the Associated Press.

Delay's image clearly shows the twin twisters-the stronger of the two at the right-touching down beneath the towering supercell that pelted the region with hail.

On Monday, Delay offered a description of the event, and how he captured the image, to DL Cade of the photography website, 500-ISO:

"This was a beautiful storm, very large and powerful obviously. When I chase storms, I like to stay back for the most part so I can see structure. I am interested in the whole picture not just if it produces a tornado.

"Because of the road network, I chose to come up from the back side of the storm, which put me into the hail, BUT what a view! There is nickel to golfball-sized hail in every shot I took.

"From the moment I was on the storm, the cone tornado was on the ground, I chased up a dirt road that turned to mud. I was on the storm and close for about 30 minutes, then had to turn back because the road was so bad."

On Twitter DeLay used the description, “Image of a lifetime,” and so it seems to be.

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