Just Because: Tortoise helps upside down friend

Have the holiday blues got you down? We don’t know about you, but we’ve still got a lot of Christmas shopping to do, the house is a mess and the in-laws are coming, and we are wondering if that itchy-throat feeling is going to turn into a full-blown cold.

We’re feeling a bit overwhelmed, to say the least, so what better place to turn to assuage this feeling than weird YouTube videos?

Tortoise helps upside down friend

Don’t worry, friend. I’ll help you.

In this video, a tortoise helps a tortoise friend who has somehow found himself on his back. The poor little bugger looks like he’s in a real bind, but his friend nudges, and nudges, and nudges, and helps him get upright.

It’s almost like this video is an allegory for what the holidays are truly about: love, family, friends, and giving (and receiving) that helping hand.

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