Kansas City woman’s catch of enormous goldfish a huge hit on Web

Olivia Riley, at first glimpse of the enormous goldfish she reeled in recently at Kansas City’s Troost Lake, thought she had hooked a traffic cone because it was so brightly colored. What she had no way of knowing was that a YouTube video of her catch would go viral, garnering nearly 340,000 views during the past several days.

“I don’t know. It’s beautiful!” she exclaims in the video, while displaying her unusual catch.

Riley had been fishing for catfish when she hooked a goldfish that was too big for any household bowl. How the goldfish got into the lake and survived to become such a behemoth remains unknown.

“There’s a lot of theories. One that he went down the old toilet bowl and ended up in the right place,” Riley told a KMBC reporter, jokingly. “And the one of someone not able to take care of a baby goldfish and threw him in, and he survived.”

Because the fish was so pretty, Riley threw it back. But she said that if she catches it again, she might feel compelled to keep the fish. “It’s a pretty high bar for the rest of the fish,” she said. “I don’t think I’m going to top it anytime soon. It’s still out there, but maybe the next time I catch and bring him in, maybe it’ll be his time to be done.”