Kayak fisherman eats his launch

Kayak fisherman

Kayak fisherman has major issues while trying to launch. Photo is a screen grab from the hysterical video

A kayak fisherman attempting to launch from the beach found the waves and riptides a bit overwhelming. A passerby on the beach sensed there might be issues, so he began filming.

Issues? Yeah, well, there were a few.

The hysterical scene that unfolded at Carmel River State Beach, Carmel, California, is very much reminiscent of the late, great English comedian Benny Hill, right down to the music and sped-up video:

JukinVideo informs us that the first two kayak fishermen launched without incident, and that the third one was not a charm.

Asking commenters on YouTube what was the kayak fisherman's first mistake, JukinVideo got answers you might expect:

"Not scanning the shore for trolls recording him."

"Getting out of bed that sad morning."

"Not wanting to get his feet wet."

Other comments included:

"When I saw this video I remembered classic comedy movies."

"Legends say that he's still, up to this day, trying to get in that kayak."

As for the cooler, the kayak fisherman apparently left it behind once he finally launched. No word about what happened to his fishing rod.

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