Kid’s embarrassing tumble on ski slopes going viral

A funny video of an 11-year-old kid wiping out while attempting a jump at the Kirkwood Mountain Resort near Lake Tahoe, California, has begun to go viral. The video, which the kid’s father, Bryan O’Sullivan, posted about a week ago, already has more than 250 comments, along with O’Sullivan’s original: “My 11-year-old tries out the park at Kirkwood for the first time. Didn’t quite work out, but he walked (okay, limped) away from it.”

Most of the comments talk about how funny the video is, but some of them are actually rather encouraging in that they give the kid props for trying. After watching the video, Powder magazine editor-in-chief John Stifter said, “He did try to channel his inner Henrik Harlaut in response to Harlaut’s unprecedented nose butter double cork 1620 at X Games Ski Big Air.”

We’ve all been there before, so we hope the kid takes all the laughter with a grain of salt.