Kid uses trampoline to make 63-foot basketball shot with his legs

Usually when a trampoline is combined with basketball it means incredible dunk shots as acrobats fly through the air with ball in hand followed by monster jams. In the case of the "World's Best Trampoline Trick Shot," Kevin Libertowski goes beyond normal and sinks an incredible shot using a backflip, and then a forward flip to shoot the ball with his legs. He banks in a shot from 63 feet that would be well beyond a basketball court's half-court stripe (that distance is 47 feet, incidentally). Watch:

Libertowski, who is the K.D. in K.D. Productions, wrote this with his post:

"World’s best trampoline trick shot from 63 feet on a 10-feet hoop filmed from three different angles for authenticity. It took a long time, but it was worth it so please enjoy."

We did.