Lake Ontario beach house becomes ice house while others were unaffected; video

One beach house along the shoreline of Lake Ontario in Webster, New York, was pummeled by huge waves, strong winds and freezing temperatures that turned the cozy weekend getaway into a frosty ice house.

Photographer John Kucko visited the remote area of shoreline Sunday and was shocked to discover the beach house coated with up to 7 inches of ice.

"We're probably coming off a record warm month of February, and then this happens," Kucko told CBS News. "The waves have just been incredible.

"The wind chill was below zero."

Kucko told CNN the area experienced "violent winds" the past five days and that power was knocked out to 150,000 people.

Kucko first posted a photo of the ice house, writing, "Frozen! The effects of heavy wind this week along Lake Ontario."

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He told CBS News that he later posted video of the scene to prove he hadn't altered the photo, as some accused him of doing. He wrote, "some parts look apocalyptic up there."

So why didn't some other neighboring houses that faced the lake also turn into igloos? Unlike those, this one doesn't have a retaining wall to guard against such scenarios.