Lion cub’s attempt to roar is downright adorable

Someday, this white lion will have a roar that would strike fear into other members of the animal kingdom. For now, however, it will have to settle for being cute. The female white lion cub was born at Belgrade Zoo in Serbia eight days ago, so it doesn't quite have the loud, intimidating roar of a mature lion, but it sure is trying hard in this raw video from Associated Press:

So what does the white lion cub actually sound like? We say a goat.

As usual, commenters under the YouTube post had their bit of humor to add in describing the 3-pound cub:

"A lion in sheep’s clothing?"

"Sounds like my car in a cold morning."

"Looks like a dog trying to meow."

"Damn! This is such an adorable goat!"

One thing everyone agrees on, it ranks high on the cute meter.