Man climbs unfinished world’s tallest bridge to propose to girlfriend; video

In what is surely one of the most epic, elaborate and dangerous marriage proposals of all-time, a man climbed the world’s soon-to-be tallest bridge.

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According to Daily Mail, Keow Wee Loong is a photographer from Malaysia who wanted do something spectacular to propose to his girlfriend Marta Sibielak.

He initially set out to climb the Goldin Finance 117 building in Tianjin, which is the sixteenth tallest building in the world. He and his drone photographer got caught doing so, which meant they had to scrap the idea. So his next plan was to climb the unfinished, 1,853-foot Beipanjiang Bridge.

The Beipanjiang Bridge is still under construction, but when it’s finished it will be the world’s tallest bridge.

Loong described the trek to Daily Mail: “I climbed the mountain and scaled up to the tip of the crane at 2,427 feet high. It was cold and strong wind caused the crane to wobble. We had limited time to get the footage we needed and the spot I was standing in was easily visible by security below.”

He eventually got the footage and shots he needed, then it was on to the next phase of the plan. He decided to post the photo on her Facebook wall while she was waiting for him at a restaurant in Bali. When he got to the restaurant she was already crying and of course said yes.

Keow Wee Loong holding up the proposal sign. Photo: Courtesy of Daily Mail

Keow Wee Loong holding up the proposal sign. Photo: Courtesy of Daily Mail

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