Man of the house no match for teeny tiny spider


Moment of truth as Eddie Baker takes his best shot versus the spider.

A grown man versus a spider on the ceiling? It'd seem to be a simple case of squash-the-insect; matter resolved.

But not if that man suffers from severe arachnophobia, such as Eddie Baker, who can be seen in the accompanying footage being brought nearly to tears by the mere prospect of approaching the dime-sized bug. (Video contains mild profanity.)

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"I need you to be a man right now," demands Heather Jones, the girlfriend, while recording the comical episode for the sake of posterity.

"I got this, oh I got this," Eddie begins, with mounting bluster, trying to gather the courage to put the shoe to the eight-legged critter. "I can't," he then says, fading back.

"Yes you can, be the man!" Heather barks, good-naturedly, as a little girl screams on and off in the background.


“I got this. Oh I got this,” Eddie Baker says while approaching the spider, when in fact he doesn’t quite have it.

"What if they have babies and they come out?" he puts forth.

"STOP IT! Don't do this!" comes the harsh response.

Finally, Eddie takes his best shot, tossing the shoe instead of whacking the spider, causing it to float gently to the floor, whereupon all fears are reignited.

The footage, uploaded to YouTube on Wednesday, was shared to Heather’s Facebook page on Aug. 12, under the heading, "I am gonna spend my life with this man."

Her clip has since garnered 220,000 shares, and dozens of comments, many of which contain inquiries about the fate of the spider.

“It’s still running around somewhere," Heather answers,  adding that it was last seen in the basement.

Which is probably the last place she can expect to find her man.

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