Man pulls off crazy stunt involving inner tube, dam and steep rappel; video

The whitewater gushing down the spillway of Lower Nihotupu Dam in Auckland, New Zealand, apparently was too tempting for one man to resist the idea of taking a thrill ride downstream using an inner tube.

To pull off the crazy stunt, all he had to figure out was how to access the flowing water.

No problem. He rappelled down the near-vertical face of the spillway. West Auckland Updates Facebook page posted video of the crazy stunt, writing, "This is not safe!":

Wearing a helmet, orange T-shirt, green shorts and tennis shoes, the man rappelled down the spillway with an inner tube around his shoulders. When he reached the water, he used his right hand to grab the inner tube and in one move, he let go of the rope, laid the inner tube into the water and plopped himself into it.

The torrent river of water carried him away.

According to the New Zealand Herald, many wondered what became of the man; someone asked if he is still alive.

The spillway of Lower Nihotupu Dam, site of crazy stunt. Photo: Courtesy of Russell Street/Flickr

"He sure is," Darryl Brown, who also caught footage of Sunday’s crazy stunt, replied.

Andrew Walker, another witness, claimed the man did it at least three times.

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"I was there, it was awesome," Walker wrote, according to the Herald. "Didn't have time to have a go, though."

Brown wrote on his own Facebook page that the spillway safely empties into a settlement lake downstream.

In summing up the crazy stunt, Fairfax Media captured the essence of public opinion, writing, "Viewers were divided on whether the man was "an idiot" or "a legend."

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