Man quickly realizes folly of jumping into shark tank; video

One of the most dangerous and harebrained things a person can do, while visiting (or breaking and entering) a facility holding large sharks, is to jump into a shark tank.

But that's precisely what a man did at an undisclosed location, while a buddy captured his madcap escapade on video. (Warning: The video contains brief profanity.)

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The footage, posted to the Totalfratmove Instagram page on Wednesday, shows the shirtless man tumble sideways into a tank holding sharks measuring to about 10 feet.

There are no details accompanying the clip. It's not known where or when the footage was captured. But it was dark and, clearly, the men were not supposed to be there.

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As the footage shows, the sharks swim quickly to investigate the splash. Just as quickly, the man realizes the folly of his stunt, and scrambles out of the tank, narrowly averting disaster.

"Dude, get out! Get out! Get out!" warns his buddy as nearest shark moves in. That's followed by the expletive, as the swimmer climbs out,  and a brief period of nervous laughter.

As of Thursday morning the clip had been viewed nearly 470,000 times, and had inspired more than 2,000 comments.

Atop the comment thread, Totalfratmove, which routinely posts clips showing people engaged in questionable activity, issued a halfhearted attempt to discourage such activity.

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