Marathon man runs with refrigerator on his back

A grandfather in the U.K. is attempting to run 40 marathons in 40 days, which is an extreme challenge in itself. But he is adding an unusual element to his mission. He's running with a refrigerator on his back.

running with fridge

Yep, that's Tony Phoenix-Morrison, aka "The Fridge," carrying a 93-pound ice box like an oversized backpack as he runs from one end of the U.K. to the other.

And why would someone run 1,053 miles from John O'Groats, Scotland, to Land's End, England, with a fridge on his back?

"I wanted a challenge that was significant," he said of the Smeg Endurance Challenge. "I wanted to do something that would get the public's attention."

Running with a bright orange refrigerator on your back will certainly get people's attention, attention that Phoenix-Morrison hopes will help raise funds and awareness for the Bobby Robson Foundation, a cancer research organization.

"If you have lost somebody you love to cancer, if you are fighting cancer right now, if you have been affected by cancer in any way, every step I take is a tribute to you," he said.

Last year, Phoenix-Morrison, a 49-year-old grandfather of two, ran 30 half-marathons in 30 days for a total of 390 miles, so he is no stranger to challenges.

"Running with a Fridge is always going to cause injuries and from day one of this challenge the difference between completing or not completing the challenge was how I managed the injuries I sustained," he wrote on Facebook.

fridge 2

cooling off

"I have also learnt that no amount of training can prepare you for friction injuries caused by the constant rubbing of a 6-stone metal box on your back and how that tears off your skin. The most frightening part of this challenge is the thought of friction burns, which after just one run can leave you in pain for weeks.

"I am not afraid to admit that this challenge has me scared, but I believe passionately in the charity I am supporting so I will just have to cope with it."

Phoenix-Morrison began his venture Saturday, and he’s already gone 78.6 miles carrying the fridge–an accomplishment in and of itself. Monday, he left his refrigerator in the street where he finished running for the day, just outside Dornach (see photo below). And it is there where he was to commence running again Tuesday. With a refrigerator on his back.

Photos are screen grabs from the videos and from Tony the Fridge Facebook page

where he ended monday