Giant hammerhead shark hooked from beach, wrestled ashore by man in surf; video

Two days after a North Carolina man was bitten by a shark after grabbing the hooked predator by the tail fin, a man in Florida was featured on video handling a much larger hammerhead shark in similar fashion.

Unidentified man grabs an 11-foot hammerhead shark by its tail fin off Panama City Beach, Florida.

The first incident, which occurred last Thursday at Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina, left a man with a bloodied right arm. He had waded into the surf to try to release the shark after it had been hooked by an angler on a pier. But the 5-foot shark bit the man before he could react. The shark eventually was released, according to WWAY.

The second incident involved the catch and successful release of an estimated 11-foot hammerhead shark Saturday from the surf off Panama City Beach, Florida. Curtis Williams flew his drone over the scene and captured the dramatic footage posted above.

The man in blue trunks is shown wading into the surf and grappling first with the line, and later with the shark. The shark displays awesome power, despite an hour-long struggle on the hook, but eventually is landed.

The angler, who is not shown in the video, was a tourist from Denmark. The man in blue trunks, who runs a charter business in the area, did not want his name mentioned, Hayden Lease, a spokesman for Modern Day Outdoors, told GrindTV. (Modern Day Outdoors was involved in the fishing expedition.)

Jacob Saylor, also with Modern Day Outdoors, told ABC affiliate News Channel 9, “We weren’t directly targeting hammerhead sharks, but when your line is out there you never know what you’re going to hook into.”

The shark was baited with a bonito placed 800 yards offshore, and it ran off more than 1,000 feet of line before it could be turned with heavy tackle designed for big game. The hammerhead was set free soon after it was beached, Lease said.

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