Massive icicle chiseled off roof takes out stoplight

Workers atop the roof of a four-story building in Russia were tasked with chiseling off a row of huge and dangerous icicles. They looked down to make sure the coast was clear of any pedestrians before dislodging the icy spears to the sidewalk below.

Unfortunately, one massive icicle missed its intended target. Fortunately, it didn't hit anyone, but it destroyed the traffic light and very nearly took out a car that was stopped in traffic. Nobody was hurt, so we can officially file this one under comical, though the crew of workers and city officials probably weren't laughing. Take a look:

The video was posted by a Russian whose name translates to Dennis Curak. He didn't share details, but this one pretty much explains itself.

не хорошо (translation: not good).

Photo of icicle falling is a screen shot

Photo of icicle falling is a screen shot

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