Mountain biker walks away from perilous plunge in renowned downhill competition

Thousands of mountain biking enthusiasts gathered in the desert near Virgin, Utah, last weekend for the Red Bull Rampage, a heart-pounding downhill competition for freestyle specialists that’s widely considered the Super Bowl of the sport. As usual, the action was incredible, with high speeds, huge jumps, and of course, some major wipeouts. But one of the scariest spills was taken by Cam Zink during his qualifying round.

Zink’s plunge was nearly 80 feet onto a flat surface.

As you’ll see in the video below, everything was going great for Cam, right up until it wasn’t.

Incredibly, Zink was able to walk away after spending 15 minutes on the ground getting checked out by medics. When he rose to his feet he thrilled the crowd that had been stunned into a hushed silence moments earlier. Incredibly, his biggest injury ended up being two severely bruised heels. In fact, Zink returned the next day in an effort to compete in the finals, but he determined the pain in his feet was too much to handle.

Zink, who’s endured five knee surgeries, two broken feet, and a rod being put into his tibia, is well aware of how lucky he is just to be walking. “I was scared for my life,” he posted afterward on his Facebook page.

Of course, the show did go on, with Kurt Sorge taking the top spot this year. For more on the Red Bull Rampage, click on the photo below to see Bike Magazine’s full story and stunning photo gallery.

Photos: Darren “The Claw” Barrecloth (top) was clinging to his straight line in the steep sections. Meanwhile, Cam McCaul (above) went for the weightless approach. Courtesy Anthony Smith/Bike Magazine. Click here for full gallery.

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