New Backcountry commercial going viral

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So, technically this a commercial for outdoor giant, but bear with us and watch it because, holy moly, it is beautiful. And intense.

Backcountry brought in Camp 4 Collective, arguably the best outdoor filmmakers of the moment, to put it together. They did what they’re good at: got into hairy places with the athletes who perform there and showed them in all of their glory.

It’s whipper falls with blown anchors, tomahawking down Alaskan spines, and uphill grinds in the rain. But it’s also pulling steelheads out of empty streams, ripping down perfect singletrack, and dropping huge waterfalls on a SUP board. And a lot of bare butt cheeks. A lot. In three minutes they show all of the reasons, good and bad, why we get outside and push ourselves and our adrenalin capacities to the max. It’s pretty awesome.

Intensity on the river. Photo:

Intensity on the river; photo courtesy of

Here’s what they have to say: “This is Backcountry. Here, blood meets rock, sweat meets trail, and the well-worn path to a routine existence reaches its terminus. This is an invitation to feed your wanderlust, to rediscover the spark inside you, and feel the strain of your muscles against the forces of nature. Every second is about action—it’s gas and a match fed to grit and determination.”