Nick de Wit performs backflip over stunt plane

Nick de Wit

FMX rider Nick de Wit does a backflip over a stunt plane. Photo is a screen grab from the video

In a daring stunt that was 2 years in the making, FMX rider Nick de Wit performed a ramp-to-ramp backflip over a passing stunt plane, which pilot Glen Dell flew on a precise route low enough and fast enough to allow for a successful jump.

As someone said in the video, "Timing is crucial."

"If Glen's a little too high he could hit me in the air," de Wit said in the video. "If Glen's a little too low, he's going to hit the ground."

The execution was pulled off beautifully, as you will see. To skip the build-up, jump to the 6:30 mark to view the stunt called Under Over:

The stunt was performed on a remote airstrip in North West Bushveld of southern Africa in September of 2013. The video was only recently posted by Red Bull as a tribute to Dell, who five weeks after this stunt was fatally injured performing at an air show in Secunda, South Africa.

under-over by Tyrone Bradley:Red Bull Content Pool

Nick de Wit does perfect backflip over stunt plane piloted by Glen Dell, who died in an airshow crash 5 weeks later. Photo by Tyrone Bradley/Red Bull Content Pool

Red Bull called him the finest display pilot South Africa had ever seen. He was crowned Advanced World Aerobatic Champion in 2004, and won eight South African titles. A pilot since age 16, Dell had a passion for stunt flying.

"This video is in memory of Glen’s unbelievable aviation legacy," Red Bull wrote. "RIP Glen."

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