Old lady’s shopping bicycle turned into jet bike by UK inventor

Colin Furze, 32, describes himself as a British garage inventor/video maker, "but in reality I'm just a plumber." Quite a character who appears on U.K. television's "Gadget Geeks," Furze has three Guinness World Records—he built the largest bonfire (49,497 feet in volume) and the longest motorcycle (46 feet, 3 inches), and produced the fastest speed on a mobility scooter (71.59 mph).

His latest creation is a valve-less jet bicycle, made out of an old lady's bike built for shopping. He calls it “the most dangerous unsafe bike ever.” Behold:

"The things I make are made with tools that proper engineers would laugh at, but I'm proof you don't need an expensive lathe and huge welder to create something amazing," he said on his website.

His "amazing" jet bike can be seen on the video keeping up with a car going 50 mph, but it’s a little shaky.

“The jet will push the bike a little faster, but it’s staying on that’s the challenge, as some of the more keen eyed people will have noticed the side shaking,” he said on his YouTube post.

Furze admitted on the video that his ride was "unstable," a label some might put on him. After all, for his ride he wears a shirt and necktie, and doesn't wear a helmet.

“Ha, no helmet?” one YouTube commenter said. “That’s just idiotic.”

Yes, but we're happy to report that he did wear a helmet when he set the record for fastest speed on a mobility scooter.