Onean electric surfboards allow you to surf without the swell

Onean surfboards electric motorized surfboards

Onean hopes that by taking waves out of the equation, they can take surfing worldwide. Photo: Onean

Looking to capitalize on the motorized surfboard movement, the Spanish electric surfboard brand Onean has released two new electric-powered surfboard models for pre-order:

The two models released, the Carver and the Manta, cater to a broad swatch of water sport enthusiasts.

The Carver is shaped like a traditional surfboard and is jet-powered by a 440-watt electric engine that allows users to fly across the water’s surface at high speeds while performing sharp, carving turns. When used consistently at full-throttle, the board’s battery will last 20 minutes on a two-hour charge.

Onean electric surfboard models

In addition to the Carver and Manta, Onean plans to release the Blade later this year. Photo: Onean

The larger, more rectangular Manta model, is a bit more like a paddleboard for folks who don’t want to actually, well, paddle. It has a top speed of roughly 5 mph and is designed for those looking for a more leisurely time on the water, with a battery that can last two hours on a single charge.

The batteries for both boards are interchangeable, and both are currently available for pre-order and will ship later this year. The Carver retails at around $4,000 while the Manta comes to $3,800.

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