Orangutan in zoo is amazed by magician’s trick, tries to duplicate it; video

Rajang the Orangutan is a popular attraction at the Colchester Zoo in Britain because he engages and interacts with visitors, and is said to have a "strange fascination with anything new," according to the zoo.

So naturally Raj was very much interested in Matt G Mentalist when he stepped up to the orangutan's glass enclosure to perform a magic trick.

"A touch of magic can fuel anyone's curiosity," the magician wrote on Facebook.

It certainly did with Raj:

With Raj's attention, Matt G pulled out a deck of cards and chose one card. He placed it on the outside of the glass enclosure and pressed over it with both hands. Soon the card magically penetrated the glass and wound up on the other side of the glass.

Raj then used a stick to try to tap the card back through the glass.

"Absolutely love Raj's casual reaction, then tried to send it back with his mighty magical wand!" one commenter wrote on Matt G Mentalist's Facebook page.

"Think he liked his little gift," Matt G wrote with a post showing photos of Raj with the card.

The Telegraph reported that the video produced 230,000 views in less than 24 hours. At last count it was at over 329,000 views, and it is sure to keep climbing.

h/t UPI

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