PGA golfer sneaks up on alligator, does the unadvisable; video

The experts will tell you to let sleeping alligators lie, or something like that. Essentially they warn against approaching alligators, asleep or not, and they definitely advise against touching them.

Well, PGA golfer Cody Gribble didn't follow the recommendation during the first round of the Arnold Palmer Invitational on Thursday when he strolled down the sixth hole at Bay Hill and noticed an alligator lying outside a water hazard.

Instead, he did this:

Gribble walked up behind the alligator and slapped it on the tail. The stunned alligator immediately jumped into the water, fortunately.

After seeing this, Kyle Porter of CBS wrote that Gribble "might be clinically insane."

"It's probably frowned upon, but I wasn't too worried about it at the time," Gribble told CBS. "Those guys, I mean, it's like a jolt, it's quick, they're not going to catch you, they're not going to catch you a couple of steps down. I mean, they're going to get you really quick early, but it's, I mean, I'm not in its way, I'm right behind him, it's not going to happen.

"They're quick, but they're not that quick."

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Gribble said he's caught alligators before while fishing and that he's done what he did on the sixth hole “a couple times before.”

"I didn't realize it was on video, but the gator looked like he needed some exercise," Gribble told CBS. "He was sitting right there in the way and, you know, I guess I was trying to get some adrenaline going somehow, but I wasn't really afraid of it, there was really nothing to say about it."

Except, maybe, that he was crazy to do what he did.