‘Plank Fishing Fail’ video creates funny moment and a fit of laughter

Even though you know this little experiment by New Zealand fishermen at the end of a dock in Wellington Harbour was destined for failure, the end result is still pretty funny, as an unexpected moment is followed by infectious laughter.

As you’ll see, a long board is stretched out over the water from the dock. Two guys weigh down the side on the dock while another walks out on the plank suspended over water to get a little more distance on his cast. You get the idea the two guys weighing down the board to allow their friend to walk the plank had other ideas, but this is what happened instead:

The video entitled “Plank Fishing Fail” was filmed and posted on YouTube by New Zealand singer and songwriter Tom Hollow, who wrote that Keith, George, James, and Mitch were the others in on the fishing fun.

The Dominion Post in New Zealand on Thursday quoted Hollow as saying the popularity of the video online was “intense.” He also said, “Little did I know this morning that today a random video we uploaded to YouTube would manage to reach 100,000 views in less than 12 hours.”

Actually, it shouldn’t be that surprising. Stupid stunts that go wrong and create a good bit of laughter usually get plenty of views. Now, had the two guys simply stepped off the board, which is what they were probably planning to do? That probably wouldn’t have been quite as funny, right guys?