Polar bear dribbles basketball, shows awesome hoop skills

Give a polar bear a basketball and he turns into Michael Jordan, or some sort of NBA wannabe. That's what a visitor to the San Diego Zoo discovered at the Polar Bear Plunge. The video-taker uncovered the hidden talent of a polar bear that displayed ball-handling skills and a shooting technique that had two commenters—likely Laker fans—saying he was better than Dwight Howard and another saying he was better than LeBron James. Watch and see if you agree:



The Polar Bear Plunge is said to be one of the largest polar bear exhibits in the world. It has three polar bears—Kalluk, Tatqiq and Chinook—and we can take an educated guess as to which one is the NBA wannabe.

Kalluk is the only male and is known as "The Athlete."

Seriously, they need to get Kalluk a basket.

For a few more chuckles, check out the comments under the YouTube video posted by Wong1340 (who preferred to remain anonymous when contacted by GrindTV Outdoor):

"Meanwhile, the black bear is slam dunking in his cage."

"Better than LeBron."

"Still a better center than Dwight Howard."

"Would dominate the low post."

"I think there's a couple double dribbles in there. Can't have turnovers like that."

No worries, they wouldn't call that in the NBA anyway.