Renowned angler Billy Chapman plants hook into arm to prove a point

When it comes to intelligence, fishermen are not generally lumped into the same classification as surgeons.

But you don’t need to be a surgeon, renowned angler Billy Chapman Jr. says, to remove a barbed hook that has accidentally become planted in your flesh.

That said, you probably don’t need to purposely stick the large barbed hook of a fishing lure into your arm to illustrate your point. But Chapman, a veteran outfitter who has witnessed his share of casting mishaps, is a firm believer in using a real-life situation to get his message across — and since he couldn’t find another human guinea pig, he chose himself.

Please watch the video, if you can bear the sight, and decide for yourself, a) whether Chapman was effective in showing how to use fishing line to painlessly remove an embedded hook; b) whether it was necessary to injure himself in order to do this; c) whether this video presentation was for the most part a publicity stunt, or d) whether the bass fisherman has spent too much time under the sun?

The proper answer, seemingly, is all of the above.