Rescued deer is among smallest deer species in the world

You never know what you might see next in the animal kingdom. For instance, have you ever seen a pudu deer? It’s the tiniest–and perhaps cutest–deer species in the world. It’s no bigger than a small dog at 13 to 17 inches tall and 22 pounds. It is a timid species, so not much is known about them in the wild, except that they are facing extinction. So it was nice to see the recent rescue of an orphaned pudu deer in a forest outside Concepcion, south of Santiago, Chile. NTDTV has the details:

It is unknown how many pudu deer exist in the world today, but those remaining face an uphill battle with illegal hunting and decreased habitat because of deforestation.

Bambu, the name given to the rescued orphan, is being cared for at Concepcion’s San Sebastian University, home of a captive breeding program designed to preserve the rare species.

They are deer, but the pudu species is known for barking like a dog when in fear. It has also been reported, though not confirmed, that the pudu deer can die of cardiac complications due to fear. If that is indeed true, it may be another reason for the decline of the pudu deer.