Russian fishermen surprised by huge sea creature in fishing net; video

With hundreds of seagulls and a curious dog looking on, Russian fishermen hauled in their net teeming with fish, along with an unexpected and unwelcome intruder.

Not many details are given on the video posted by Velzar of Russia on LiveLeak on Monday, not that any are needed as the video pretty much speaks for itself.

At the 28-second mark, a fisherman releases the bottom of the net and hundreds of fish start pouring out onto the deck. Fifteen seconds later, a huge sea lion plops out among the fish, and it was in no hurry to leave.

A fisherman starts spraying it with a hose in an attempt to get it to leave, but that didn't work. The sea lion was sitting among an all-you-can-eat buffet, who could blame it for wanting to stay?

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At the 1:48 mark, the sea lion reacted as if shot in the rump by a nonlethal pellet gun, and seconds later it finally decided to jump back into the water.

The incident reminds us of another time a couple of years ago when Russian fishermen caught a sea lion in their net (see related video above). That sea lion didn't go peacefully, tossing a fisherman across the deck before being ushered to the side of the boat where it returned to the water.

In both instances, the sea lions were merely doing what the Russian fishermen were doing: going where the fish are.

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