San Francisco sock brand offering sock insurance


If the Beardymon Mullet Sock gets lost, just get another one with Betabrand's sock insurance

If the Beardymon Mullet Sock gets lost, just get another one with Betabrand’s sock insurance; photo courtesy of Betabrand

Finally someone is listening to the groans of the everyman and his endless struggle with the sock drawer. To help quell the annoyance of losing or ripping a sock, innovative San Francisco brand Betabrand has introduced a revolutionary program it deems “sock insurance” to keep both of your feet covered. You heard right—sock insurance. Betabrand offers a one year replacement window after purchase, providing up to two single socks per pair. “It’s perhaps the most important sock-related decision you’ll ever make,” argues the company on its website.

In order for the policy to kick in, buyers must be registered to Facebook as the company only accepts “claims” via pictures posted to their Facebook brand page. Take a picture of you and your remaining sock, upload it to Facebook and “Like” it, and voila, a replacement sock will be sent to your doorstep. The policy, however goofy, is a creative and effective approach to a common pain in everyone’s side.

The socks covered under Betabrand’s insurance aren’t your run-of-the-mill tube socks, either. Designs like the Beardymon Mullet Sock, which features a face looking up at you from the toe, and the Cobra Toes Sock, which sports, you guessed it, a cobra head on the toes, are just some of the eye-catching designs Betabrand has chosen to spice up the sock world. It’d be hard to lose these $11 socks in a crowd, but if you do don’t sweat it—you’re insured.