Second near miss of a moose in a week has motorcyclist in hysterics; video

A motorcyclist who barely missed colliding with a moose on the roadway decided never again to leave home without a helmet camera, that way he could capture the encounter on video if it ever happened again.

Well, not a week went by before it happened again.

Adam Cahill was riding along the Trans-Canada Highway in Gander, Newfoundland, Canada, on Saturday when he spotted a moose emerging from the embankment to his right, forcing him to swerve to the center of the highway in order to miss the animal, according to CBC News.

Fortunately the motorcyclist missed the moose by a few feet (not to mention the truck coming in the opposite direction) and lived to laugh about it. No, to laugh hysterically about it, actually.

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"It's pretty wild," Cahill told CBC News. "I tell ya, I go out moose hunting or anything like that and I won't see a frigging thing. I go out on a motorcycle and I'll see two in a week …

"I almost took the biggest bite out of a moose burger I ever ate."

Cahill told CBC News that once he came down from the adrenaline rush he realized his good luck in avoiding disaster.

"Everything was at the right moment for me to miss it, that’s for sure," he said. "[The motorcycle] was definitely what I needed to be on by that point. If I was in my jeep, I figure I would have cracked him for sure.

"You definitely gotta keep your eyes open. I didn’t expect to see any moose where I was … They can come out of anywhere."

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