Shaun White gets humbled by 8-year-old skateboarder

Shaun White’s trophy room may be packed with gold medals from little competitions like the X Games and Olympics, but when it comes to skating, the action sports star can still be humbled out on the street, where most real scores are settled. Take his latest trip to Venice, Calif., where he was tasked with trying to keep up with 8-year-old skater Asher Bradshaw in the park. As the video below shows, that was easier said than done.

Bradshaw picked his favorite line and flew ahead, while White struggled to keep up with his follow-cam. In the end, he decided to cut his losses and catch Asher on the rebound, as the little guy took to the air on the opposite side.

White couldn’t help but be amused, taking it all in stride. He said with confidence afterward, “Asher’s going pro.”

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