Skateboarding video created out of thin air by light

A skateboarding light skeleton

A skateboarding skeleton made of light

Darren Pearson is a unique artist who creates images out of thin air using a LED pen light as his brush, much like children do when "drawing" with a sparkler in the night air.

Using long-exposure photography, Pearson points the light at the camera and draws what turns out to be illuminating and fascinating images, ones that have been featured in a variety of media outlets over the past few years.

Now, Pearson has gone one painstaking step further. He's made a video, a skateboarding video.

"Light Goes On," featuring a skeletal skateboarder, was shot on location all over Los Angeles, and in parts of San Diego, Yosemite, and Austin, Texas. Though the video is only about a minute long, the process to make it was incredibly long and tedious.

"The video is a series of 724 light-painted long-exposure photos, shot over the course of a year on location at night," Pearson told GrindTV Outdoor in an email. "Each individual image took around 2 to 3 minutes to illustrate. Typically, it takes between 20 to 70 images to make each sequence." Take a look:

Pearson is a full-time illustrator from Los Angeles. At night, he "explores the varying landscapes of California in search of the perfect scene for one of his life-sized light sculptures."

None of his images are Photoshopped.

Here are some samples of his unique work (Note: Photos by Darren Pearson used by permission):

skateboarding in venice, ca 2

Skateboarding in Venice

very gold man and the sea in niland, california

Very gold man and the sea in Niland, California

happy campers, yosemite

Happy campers in Yosemite

twilight swell, malibu surfer

Twilight swell, Malibu surfer

dawnpatrol surfers 1

Dawn Patrol surfers

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