Skydiver soars over rare circle-shaped rainbow in video

Rainbows are one of those little things in life that we can across from time to time but need to keep in mind to always appreciate. But a rainbow while skydiving, and one that is an extremely rare, full 360-degrees of rainbow is even more worth appreciating.

According to Daily Mail, British expat Anthony Killeen was recently on his first skydive attempt with an instructor over New Zealand’s Bay of Islands when they were treated to the lucky sight.

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Rainbows are inherently full circles, but it’s just that we usually can’t see the completed circle of light except in very rare instances. We’re not sure how Killeen is going to match his first jump if he decides to skydive again.

Anthony Killeen enjoying the rare sight. Photo: Daily Mail

Anthony Killeen enjoying the rare sight. Photo: Daily Mail

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