Skydiving black belt sets world record for most boards broken in free fall

blackbelt skydive

Ernie Torres, a skydiving instructor, black belt in karate, and member of the U.S. Navy, set a world record for breaking the most pine boards in free fall last week. What, you didn't know such a record existed? Well, it does, and Torres just shattered the existing record of seven set by Jason David Frank in January. In what was called Blackbelt Skydive, Torres broke 12 pine boards, doing so in hopes of raising awareness and funds for the Wounded Warrior Project. Here's his proof, as filmed by Terry Shumacher:

According to the UK Daily Mail, Torres had to use oxygen for the initial part of the free fall so that his brain was engaged enough to pull his parachute cord.

"It really was one of the greatest adrenaline rushes of my life," Torres told the Daily Mail. "As if throwing myself from an airplane and falling towards the Earth at terminal velocity wasn't exciting enough, I thought I'd throw a little karate in the mix and try to smash a world record while I was at it."

The team from Skydive Arizona jumped at 16,000 feet and deployed parachutes at 4,000 feet, giving Torres 70 seconds of free fall in which to break as many boards as possible.

As you can see, board No. 4 was a bit of a challenge, but Torres finally nailed it. In the end, all the skydivers landed safely. We can only assume they kept their helmets on and dodged the falling boards.

blackbelt skydive

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