Skydiving model flies wingsuit over active volcano

Roberta Mancino, a 35-year-old Italian model who moonlights as one of the top wingsuit fliers in the world, recently decided to fly her wingsuit over an active Chilean volcano, capturing the daring stunt on camera.

As shown in a new edit by Barcroft TV, Mancino jumped at 15,000 feet above the volcano of Villarrica in Chile in March. She expertly glided through clouds of sulfur smoke while dealing with turbulence caused by air pressure variance from the volcano, before managing to land safely in one piece.

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“The most difficult part about flying over the volcano was probably the weather,” Mancino says. “We had really bad weather for the entire week and then we had to fly and had no wind so it took a few days to do the stunt.”

“It wasn’t the most difficult jump I’ve done in a wingsuit but it was definitely intense,” the Italian beauty continued. “It’s kind of scary to fly over a volcano with fire.”

While that might be the understatement of the year, it was hardly Mancino’s first time operating her wingsuit in sketchy conditions: She made headlines by flying in between towering skyscrapers in Panama in 2015.

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