Skyslide allows you to slide off tallest building in CA

An open-air observation deck on the tallest building in California opened this weekend and a unique attraction allows people to slide off the side of it.

The Skyslide is more than 1,000 feet above the ground and the 45-foot-long glass slide will give thrill-seekers a new way to conquer heights.

The slide opened on Saturday as part of the OUE Skyspace LA observation deck.

Riders must take the elevator up 70 floors to ride the slide, which travels down an entire floor.

Just 1.25 inches of glass separates riders from plummeting to the ground below and the 4-foot-wide slide could be troublesome for those who suffer from claustrophobia.


The Skyslide is not for those afraid of heights.

However, those looking for a new (albeit quick) adventure may find just what they need on the 70th floor.

In order to get the slide onto the side of the building, a fire department helicopter had to tow it up to the 70th floor.

Then, construction crews used pulley systems to get the slide into place, OUE Americas Senior Vice President John Gamboa told CNN.

There are two observation decks offering views of the San Gabriel Valley, Catalina Island and all of Los Angeles.

Entry to the Skyspace observation deck and one ticket to ride the slide is $33 for adults.

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