Snow geese produce a ‘tsunami’ effect while taking flight

Maikel Parets was videotaping a massive flock of snow geese resting on a baseball field in Richmond, British Columbia, earlier this week when suddenly the flock decided to take flight—right at him. The alarming sight and deafening sound resemble something out of an Alfred Hitchcock or Stephen King horror movie. Parets says "Oh my God" at least six times on the video, presumably worried about the fallout since he didn't have an umbrella. Watch his appropriately named video entitled, "Geese Tsunami":

According to the Global News in Canada, these are "Lesser Snow Geese" that migrated into Canada from Russia.

Varri Raffan of the George C. Reifel Migratory Bird Sanctuary told Global News that it is not surprising to see this many geese together, as they are really family oriented and stick together for migration and feeding, and the area could get up to 70,000 geese.

You just won't want to be in their flight path, as the unfortunate woman in the last seconds of the video (at bottom) proves.

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