Snowmobiler blindsided by Colorado avalanche

Cody Strong was snowmobiling with friends in St. Elmo, Colorado, when suddenly he was blindsided by what he thought was another snowmobiler crashing into him. Instead, it was an avalanche that came out of nowhere. He captured the harrowing moment on his helmet camera. You can watch the entire video on YouTube, but we'll start it closer to the whiteout:

Strong told Mike Skogmo of JukinMedia that he didn't realize it was an avalanche until after he got up and looked around. At least three other snowmobilers came to his aid.

As you can see, the snowmobile was buried and took the brunt of the impact. Strong was uninjured, but the snowmobile was totaled as it was thrown into a tree by the force of the avalanche.

Strong said he feels "very lucky" and intends to be more cautious in the future. He plans on obtaining appropriate life-saving equipment and taking an avalanche safety course, which is probably a good idea considering he probably triggered the avalanche to begin with.


Snowmobiler Cody Strong waits for his friends to help him after getting blindsided by an avalanche. Photo is a screen grab from the video.

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