Snowmobiler chasing down friend while ice fishing has ‘epic crash’; video

Braden Fischer, a snowmobiler for 20 years, has driven across a frozen lake with the throttle wide open "more times than I can count."

So when a friend took off in the wrong direction while ice fishing on Mount Lake in Ontario, Canada, Fischer put his snowmobile into high gear and went to chase him down, as he has done many times. But this time was way different:

In his YouTube post, Fischer called it an "epic crash" caused by bad snow and poor judgment. The accident occurred just after he passed his friend traveling an estimated 90 mph.

"I took my hand off [the handlebar] to give him the 'stop' sign," Fischer told GrindTV. "My right ski broke through the crust at that exact moment and when it did it grabbed the ski, turned the bars, and it was game over."

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The snowmobiler went flying forward as the snowmobile rolled to a stop in a horrific-looking accident.

Fischer told GrindTV the snow conditions were "weird" with a hard crust on top and soft underneath.

Fortunately he walked away uninjured. As for the snowmobile, the handle bars were bent, "but other than that it is all good," Fischer said. "Drove it home."