Snowmobiler jumps off dam into a river

What happens when a snowmobiler decides to turn his snow machine into a personal watercraft and jump off a 15-foot dam into a river below? Mark Freeman of London, Ontario, Canada, shows you in his latest YouTube video. He calls his video "INSANE Snowmobile Dam Jump!!!" and it comes with two angles, the second one from a fisherman on the river. Check it out:

Plenty could have gone wrong. Fortunately, nothing did.

It appears Freeman starts out on a frozen lake before gunning it over the dam and into the river, a racing engine keeping the snowmobile afloat long enough to reach land. Beforehand, nearby fishermen were told to stop fishing.

Said one commenter on Freeman’s Facebook page, “If I was that guy fishing, I wouldn’t know whether to be [mad] or pumped that I got to see that.”

Said another commenter, "This is why I watch your vids, Mark Freeman. This is by far the sickest thing I've seen anyone do on a snowmobile."

Apparently, lots of people watch Freeman's videos at For Oh Ate with 75,000 subscribers on YouTube and more than 65 million views, and this video is apparently one of the reasons why.

Freeman's reaction afterward, referring to his snowmobile: "She did ‘er."

Yes she did.