Snowmobilers in Norway fail to outrun cascading avalanche (video)

Snowmobiles are fast, but apparently not fast enough to outrun a cascading avalanche, as a group of riders discovered recently in Norway. The accompanying video shows how the situation turned perilous after a rider climbing a slope triggered a slide that swept over two others who had been filming from below. The two clambered aboard one snowmobile, leaving the other, and attempted to flee, only to be overtaken by the pursuing wall of snow (see the 1:00 mark). Surprisingly, all three riders were uninjured and did not even require a rescue.

Lars Thorvaldsen, a reporter who covered the incident for the Dagbladet newspaper, said the rider at the top tumbled about 2,000 feet down the slope. “They all made it without injuries, and they didn’t even have to call for help,” Thorvaldsen said.

The incident occurred just weeks after a mid-March avalanche killed five skiers in northern Norway, and helps to underscore the danger of recreating near steep back-country slopes.


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