Spectacular shark feeding frenzy filmed off Australia

Beaches off Perth, Australia, were closed Monday because of the sighting by a helicopter crew of a massive shark feeding frenzy. Video footage shows dozens of sharks, mostly blacktip and bronze whalers, in a spectacular assault on schooling bait fish and small tuna.

The event occurred about 2,000 feet beyond Yanchep in northern Perth. Chris Peck, of Surf Life Saving WA, told The Australian that beaches were closed merely as a precaution, since there were so many sharks involved in the frenzy.

“You normally don’t see them in this number,” Peck said. “Where there’s bait fish, there’s usually two or three of them.”

Shark researcher Rory McAuley added that this type of event probably happens fairly frequently much farther offshore. “But it is quite unusual to see it so close to shore, and it is unusual to see it within the bounds of the major metropolitan area,” he said.

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