Stunning timelapse video highlights New York’s Central Park in fall

If you’ve ever lived in New York, you know that when you’re out and about in the city, you generally spend your time avoiding eye contact and dodging other human beings rather than stopping to take in the city’s beauty. But luckily for you–and anyone who can appreciate New York’s iconic architecture and parks–a new timelapse video will let you catch up on what you’ve missed over the fall.

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Artist Jamie Scott’s “Fall,” which he recently posted on Vimeo, depicts 15 spots in Central Park as they change seasons–as the trees transform from green and abundant to red and orange to stark and leafless.

“I chose 15 locations in the park and revisited them two days a week for six months, recording all camera positions and lens information to create consistency in the images. All shots were taken just after sunrise,” Scott wrote about the video.

The video has gone viral–and rightly so. It reminds us to drink in the beauty of fall, wherever we call home, as it will be gone before we know it.