Stunt man jumps over speeding Lamborghini

A stunt man at the TopGear Festival in Sydney, Australia, last weekend pulled off a stunt that on the surface might sound like it was faked. But after viewing video from different angles, one tends to believe this actually happened: A stunt man did a forward flip over a speeding Lamborghini. Watch the incredible video:

From the TopGear Australia website:

It’s as simple as it sounds–a man standing on a racetrack. A Lamborghini supercar drives towards him, not at its top speed, but fast enough to cause some crippling if it all went horribly wrong. And, being organized by TopGear, there was a not insignificant chance of that happening…

And hey, at least we made him wear a helmet.

Yes, that was extremely thoughtful.

Now, a look at the jump from another angle, just in case you're still suspect (incidentally, a third version from near the car’s take-off point exists, too):