Surfing ‘magician’ Zoltan Torkos unveils more amazing trickery

Image of Zoltan Torkos is a video screen grab

Image of Zoltan Torkos is a video screen grab

Zoltan Torkos made history in 2011 by performing what was believed to be the first-ever kickflip on a surfboard. The maneuver was worth $10,000 from Volcom, which had offered that sum to the first surfer who could stick the extremely difficult skateboarding trick.

The video garnered more than 1 million views.

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Since then, it seems, Zoltan “the Magician” Torkos has been busy perfecting the maneuver (see video), which you will not see on pro surfing’s World Championship Tour because the judges aren’t used to seeing kickflips and probably would not know what to make of them.

(There was a time, not long ago, when judges did not know what to make of any type of aerial maneuver, and surfers did not score well when they tried them.)

The new footage is impressive in that Torkos, once he gets beyond his brief introduction, is shown making a seemingly impossible trick look relatively easy.

A kickflip, as many are aware, involves using the feet to completely flip the board, while airborne, and returning it to its upright position before landing.

It’s difficult on a skateboard but harder on a surfboard because it’s much larger and traveling through water. (Torkos’ best illustration of a surfing kickflip is at the 1:15 mark.)

But as viewers can see in the opening segment (about the 20-second mark), the surfer from Santa Cruz, California, sometimes only flips the surfboard halfway around.

No problem. He just rides the board upside down.

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